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Tips to Experiencing Weight Loss Without Losing Your Hair

It is normal for many people to be focus on losing weight only to realize that their hair is falling off too. There are so many people who do not know that there is a high relationship between hair loss and weight loss especially where one does not take the appropriate measures when losing weight. Where one takes enough care of his or her hair, it is capable of growing as long as half an inch every month. One would need to remember that hair tends to fall mostly on its rest phase as newer hair grows. In most cases, only about 10% of the hair tends to fall. In a case where one exposes himself to stress or opt to go for dieting as a way of losing weight, there are high chances that he or she will have his or her hair going into the resting phase. In the same line, individuals who tend to lose weight through limiting food uptake may also suffer hair loss.

For one to make sure that he or he does not lose so much hair, it would be wise for one to ensure enough calories. Restricting calories during weight loss may be necessary but restriction of too much may lead to lack of enough energy to the body to support hair growth. One would need to multiply his or her target weight by 10 to have an approximate of daily calories limit.
Appropriate amounts of proteins would also be necessary for one to lose weight without losing his or her hair. It would be wise to note that the amount of proteins one takes highly depends on the activity levels as well as the body weight. One would need to consider using the food calculator to have an idea of the amount of proteins one needs per day.

Incorporation of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables into your diet is also critical to avoiding losing hair even as you lose weight. One would need to know that whole gain tends to contain iron a component imperative to one’s diet. One would also need to note that vegetables and fruits tends to contain vitamins A, C, Zinc as well as vitamin E components pivotal to hair growth.

Once in a while, one would need to consider taking a nutritional supplement that comes with vitamins and minerals. You would also need to weight yourself in the weight process. You would need to consider searching for a facility that is concerned with hair loss treatment, weight loss as well as skin care for the best advice.

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