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Tried and Tested Tips to Help you Get Over Procrastination

It might be reassuring to know you are not the only procrastinator in the world, with a figure indicating at least 20 percent of people consider themselves procrastinators. This is someone that will keep on postponing something that needs to be done, well because they lack the motivation to do it. The good news is you don’t have to be stuck in the procrastinators club if you don’t want to, read more to learn better ways of handling your situation. Here are some simple tips, tricks, guides and techniques that will help you with time management so you can have stuff done when it ought to be done.

A good place to start is with clearly defined daily goals. With clearly written goals, you can always set achievable deadlines so you can meet the goals. If need be, you can set a reminder on your computer or mobile so you can keep checking to ensure you are working towards your goals. Actionable items and goals will definitely help you so you might want to divide your big tasks into small attainable and manageable items.

Ensure you prioritize your list, starting with the most important task that needs to be accomplished. Starting with the most important task, which may be the hardest task for the day can act as motivation to keep going and accomplishing the remaining tasks on your priority list. Do not multitask; most people work better when they can concentrate on a single thing.

The other important thing would be to have a journal by your side so you can be able to account for the time spent throughout the day. Should you have time wasters in your list, mark and get rid of those by creating a productive versus unproductive activities. Have a reward system set up to help you celebrate the tiny wins along the way. This is not where you get a bank loan and buy yourself a car, no, a small token of appreciation and motivation will definitely keep you going towards attaining your goals.

Distractions are detrimental to your success so you might want to avoid them under all costs. You do not have to answer that email or text message just because it came in. Avoid instantly stopping at what you are doing because you may end up not completing the task. The best approach would be to plan your time such that you have breaks in between tasks. No doubt a break also comes in handy, so your mind can relax. Always take only that which you can handle, the rest you can always ask for help, it is never a sign of weakness to delegate.

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