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Benefits of Correct Posture

Poor posture has become so common among people nowadays. You may easily take note of people in their offices sited in front of their computers and kids on their computers with slouched backs. A lot of sitting has been encouraged by the improved technology. Most things nowadays are done while sitting down. Hence this has really encouraged poor sitting postures. It is sad when most people do not care the kind of postures that their bodies eventually adapt. However, your body really goes through a lot of stress with the poor sitting posture. Anyway, it is vital that you are aware of some of the benefits of a correct posture.

Correct posture will always improve your breathing. If you have a correct posture, your lungs will always have sufficient space for your body to pump blood. Therefore breathing is easily facilitated. Your lungs will always be stuffed if you adapt a slouched sitting position. This makes it hard for you to breath. You may enter into a comma if your breathing is poor. If your lungs fail to function properly, the functioning of your other body organs may deteriorate.

Correct posture attributes to good memory. The good memory will be as a result of sufficient air that will be reaching your body. As a result, one’s level of concentration is increased. The brain is thought to be feeding on the air that it is obtaining. Your thinking capacity increases as a result of this phenomena. Your performance will be enhanced. The ability of your child to learn will be improved if your child adapts a good sitting posture.

Your image will be improved with the good sitting posture.You posture will portray you as a confident and powerful person in the society. Job application will even be easier. When you get into an interview room, the panel may be impressed by your posture and that may be a marking point. A good first impression will have been created by the posture. You even feel better about yourself when walking in the correct posture. You are always perceived as lazy when you have a poor posture.

Health complications will not be one of your worries if you have a good posture. You will always suffer from neck and back pain if you are used to adapting to a poor posture. That is because their bodies are usually not well aligned. You may not take note of the effects at first but after sometime, you well begin to feel the effect. Feeling of pressure in our lungs is one of the effects that one suffers from . Correct body poster comes a long way in saving us from a lot of problems.

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