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What Makes Instant Drug Testing Different From Lab-Based Drug Testing

There are many ways to conduct drug testing these days and these methods are used to effectively conduct tests on schools, offices and government agencies. Today, there are a lot of methods to test people if they are positive on drugs and these methods include collecting of urine samples, hair follicle test and panel quick tests. Most of these methods are used specifically for lab-based drug testing because they are known to be the best way to distinguish if someone is under the influence of drugs or drug.

There are two types of drug testing and these are lab-based drug testing and instant drug testing. Because the lab-based drug testing takes more time to come up with the result, it is ideal for getting a driver’s license or applying for college but when it comes to instances where you need to get quick results, it is always better to get instant drug testing because you can immediately determine if one is using drug or not in just a matter of minutes.

Instant drug testing is the complete opposite of lab-based drug testing and they differ in so many ways because while lab-based drug testing takes a day or two to get the results, you can immediately know whether a person is using drugs in just a matter of minute with the use of instant drug testing. This type of drug testing is usually done in offices and schools where drug users need to be detected as early as possible.

For instant drug tests, an administrator will ask you to urinate in a cup for them to dip a drug test card in it which is more like pregnancy testing. Once the test card s dipped in the urine, most administrators wait for a while for more accurate results but it usually takes about five minutes for the results to how in your test card. Instant drug testing is widely used around the world these days because of its 99% accuracy as compared to other alternatives.

This is what makes instant drug tests so much better than lab-based ones because you wouldn’t have to go to the laboratory anymore and wait for a long time to have your result. Because it is fast in showing results, many companies use this method to immediately decide on an employee who is proven to be a drug user. It is also best for schools where administrators usually test quite a number of students at the same time.

However, no matter how beneficial instant drug tests can be, the results you get from them can never be used as evidence in court. The reason for this is that the judicial system prefers the accuracy of lab-based drug tests. Yet if you want to get instant drug testing first, you can choose split screening.

With split screening, you can do instant drug test now and save some of the sample for a lab test afterwards. This way, you can double check the results for more accurate evidences.

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